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Metabolic balance :

My story by – Jaime Moran-Wilson.

So, I think it is probably necessary for you to have a little history of me.

I am a sports therapist and I also teach kickboxing classes, so eating well and exercising has always been my thing, I’ve always looked after myself and managed to maintain a healthy weight/body fat %.

In Oct 2011 my mam was diagnosed with lymphoma and throat cancer, after aggressive radiotherapy and chemotherapy, tragically she passed away Mar ’12.  June ’13 my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer with a spread on to his ribs and spine, after a very painful 18 months he sadly passed away too Dec ’14.  I’m not telling you this for pity it is simply how my weight issues started.

For me it wasn’t a case of making poor food choices, stress from the tragedy in my life had resulted in my weight gain.

Elevated cortisol (which is the hormone released in the blood in response to fear or stress by the adrenal glands) levels had put my body into ‘fight or flight’ mode, I was basically storing fat and could do very little about it, although cortisol levels generally return to normal once the stressful situation is over, the distress I was left with following both my parents illnesses and then passing away appeared to have left me with no outlet for the cortisol which had caused the fight or flight to backfire, so, ironically, my own biology was basically sabotaging my own body!

Jan ’15, like a lot of people in the New Year, my mind set was, it’s a new year and it is time to get Jaime back!!!  For 4 months I ate really well and I was back in the gym training hard.  I joined a slimming world group,  I know I know! I can hear a load of folk from my field of work screaming in my ear right now ‘really Jaime, slimming world!!!!???’  In my defence, although slimming world is a fat free diet, which is OBVIOUSLY something I DO NOT agree with, I tweaked that plan and used my ‘syns’ for GOOD fats, which meant all my meals were cooked from fresh with the addition of good fats.

Having been my dads primary carer for 18 months (which I would do again if  had too) I was enjoying having time to myself again to prepare my meals for the week and eating well, I guess just feeling like I was doing something for me again and doing something positive about my weight gain was a great feeling.  As I said earlier cortisol is supposed to balance its self out again when the stress is over, exercise and a good diet are supposed to help with that, however, for me, as I was still suffering post traumatic stress and I wasn’t sleeping well, ultimately, my body was still stressed!  So after 4 months of eating very well and training hard in the gym, I managed to lose the grand total of…..1lb!!!!! :-/

March ’15 my boyfriend and I booked a holiday for July this year, there was  no way I was going on holiday feeling the way I did, so, slimming world was sacked off and I had a consultation with Katherine Neal of Nutritional Know How/Metabolic Balance NE, she explained she thought the metabolic balance eating plan would be best for me to give my metabolism a big boost so that my body would start burning fat again, I agreed to give it a go.

The plan is 3 phases, strict, relaxed and maintenance, I have to be honest, I really wasn’t looking forward to the strict phase!!!!!

So, blood tests were taken and I received a pack that was tailored to me from the results of that.  I was gutted about some of the items that had been taken out of my diet, but equally there were things that had been added in that I had not chosen to eat before, so generally I was just excited to get started and on that road to a healthier slimmer version of myself!

I started May 2nd (I feel I deserve a big pat on the back for doing this through 2 bank holidays and sticking to the plan!!! J ), the strict phase is only meant to last 2 weeks, however for me, it lasted 3 as my body still refused to burn fat, 3 years worth of chronic stress, I guess I just needed to give it a chance!

However, once my body did start burning fat, that was it, I was off!  Every time I saw Katherine and had my measurements taken, there were significant losses EVERY TIME, none of this, 2lbs off one week, 1lb back on the next week malarkey!  Losses in weight and most importantly body fat at every weigh in!  I honestly couldn’t have been more thrilled.

My starting weight was 12 stone 7 ( I got a shock when I saw that, I had been kidding myself that I had only gained 1 stone, when the reality was it was well over a stone and a half), my goal was 10st 12 as that is the weight where I had always been happy, I went on holiday in July at 11st 3, I felt absolutely great!  On holiday I stuck to plan as much as I could in terms of my meals (I’m not that person who will go on holiday and waste all my efforts before hand just because I’m on holiday!) however, if I wanted an alcoholic drink or a fizzy drink I had one, the result in my weeks holiday was a 2.5lb weight gain, not bad eh J.  I got straight back onto plan again once I was home and I am now 11 stone 2 and my body fat is at the lowest it has been so far!

I am now just a few pounds off my target, I have a wedding (which I now don’t dread!) to go to August bank holiday and I am going to Spain for some R&R with a pal for 5 nights 2nd Sep having just had to pack my dads bungalow up, as it has recently sold, so I think realistically, I should reach my target the end of September.

Reaching my target or not though, right now I am in a much better place, folk are starting to notice that I have lost weight so I’m getting some lovely compliments (probably as I am no longer wearing my ‘fat pants’ as my pals called them and I am back into my leggings J ), my body fat is back in a healthy range and I have re gained some confidence back that the whole experience pre metabolic balance had taken away from me.

Katherine has been a great support, I really appreciate all her time and help on this as I had some emotional moments in the beginning, she really helped me through though, thanks to her I am sitting here writing this 18lbs lighter!

I think my message here is, weight loss isn’t always ‘cut out the crap and do some exercise’, when things like stress, insomnia, medication etc are thrown in to the mix too, that just simply isn’t enough, so don’t reach out for some fad diet that will drop some pounds but that you will NEVER be able to maintain, go and see someone like Katherine, who has worked incredibly hard for her qualifications and who can help you reach your goals safely and long term.

Best wishes to you all, and good luck if you decide to give this a go, you won’t regret it.


Metabolic balance.

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