Sports Nutrition

Nutrition is vital for anyone practicing sport from amateur to professional level. By providing the right fuel for stamina and endurance during exercise you can enhance performance. It is also very important to ensure the body has the required nutrients to support healing and recovery post exercise as this can help prevent injury.

Food can be categorized as either fuel (primarily carbohydrates), or building materials (proteins, vitamins and minerals), and essential fats. These are required in the right amounts to make certain the body can operate at its best.

We will design a programme based on your own individual needs, in terms of the sport you participate in, your age and any other health issues you may have, such as recent injuries etc.. When designing the programme we will also take into account your overall health to ensure everything is in balance and your diet supports the level of exercise you undertake.

We can design programmes in conjunction with fitness trainers and around specific events, for example marathons or triathlons or if you just want to improve on your current level of fitness.

Metabolic balance.

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