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Katherine Neal BSc(Hons) Dip ION mBANT

How would you like to jump out of bed every morning with enthusiasm for the day ahead, feeling relaxed, invigorated and full of health? This may seem like a daydream but with the right diet it may just become a reality.

In this world of processed foods and conflicting dietary information it can be difficult to know if you are eating healthily. In my experience, few people are eating a diet that will benefit their health in the long-term. Making the right food choices has a major impact on your health, energy levels, and mental wellbeing. At Nutritional Know How I offer help and practical advice to improve your diet and your health. I’m very aware of the reality of your busy lives, so my protocols adapt to your lifestyle and current habits. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne I help people all over the north from coast to coast.

Metabolic balance.

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